Working Groups

Common theme for working groups:

I. Define the requirements.

II. Status of the HIF-specific research topic? Outstanding issues?

III. In light of new developments in the broader field, what is next?

IV. Explore a specific design or approach, including its cost and reliability.

V. Report to the plenary session.  


Working group topic

Chairman or contact


IFE targets

Building 2, room 100B

J. Perkins (LLNL)

J. Barnard (LLNL)


Ion sources and injectors            Building 71-233 (correction, 05-24)

M. Stockli (SNS)


RF accelerators                                  Building 71B-290 (Wed. May 25)

R. Garnett (LANL)


Induction accelerators                 Building 47, room 006

S. Nath (LANL)


Superconducting magnets (integrated with other working groups)

G. Sabbi (LBNL)


Chamber and Chamber Driver interface                                             

Building 50 auditorium

I. Kaganovich (PPPL),  

R. Moir (LLNL)

Working groups roaming schedule:

Tue May 24, 2011

8:30am - 10:15am     All working groups in separate sessions

1pm - 3pm                  Ion sources and injectors (free to roam)

3:30pm - 5pm            Chamber and driver interface, RF accelerator groups (free to roam)

Wed May 25, 2011

8:30am - 10:15am    Induction accelerators (free to roam)

1pm - 3pm                 HIF targets (free to roam)

3:30pm - 5pm           All working groups preparing for plenary presentations