Experimental studies of space-charge-dominated beams

Single-Beam Transport Experiment (SBTE):

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Multiple Beam Experiment – 4 (MBE-4):

W. M. Fawley, et al.,  “Beam dynamics studies with the heavy-ion linear induction accelerator MBE-4”, Phys. Plasmas 4 (1997) 880. http://pop.aip.org/resource/1/phpaen/v4/i3/p880_s1

Scaled Final-Focus Experiment:

S. A. MacLaren, A. Faltens, P. A. Seidl, and D. V. Rose,Results from a scaled final focus experiment for heavy ion fusion”, Phys. Plasmas 9, 1712 (2002) http://link.aip.org/link/doi/10.1063/1.1464894

Transverse merging of four beams into a single alternating gradient channel:

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High-Current Experiment (HCX), for driver-scale beam injection, transport, and electron-cloud studies:

L. Prost, et al., “High current transport experiment for heavy ion inertial fusion”, Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 8, 020101 (2005).  http://prst-ab.aps.org/abstract/PRSTAB/v8/i2/e020101

Driver-scale injector:

F. M. Bieniosek, et al., “2-MV electrostatic quadrupole injector for heavy-ion fusion,” Phys. Rev. ST Accel. Beams 8, 010101 (2005). http://prst-ab.aps.org/abstract/PRSTAB/v8/i1/e010101

Compact merging-beamlet injector for multi-beam systems:

J. W. Kwan, F. M. Bieniosek, D. P. Grote, and G. A. Westenskow, “Compact multibeamlet high-current injector for heavy-ion fusion drivers”, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 77, 03B503 (2006) http://link.aip.org/link/doi/10.1063/1.2164947

Neutralized Transport Experiment (NTX):

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Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment (NDCX-I):

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